In the User Defined Functions page, you can upload programmatic functions that you have created to extend the transformation capabilities of .

user-defined function (UDF) is an externally created function that can be imported into the product for use in your recipe steps. 

Tip: UDFs can be created in JavaScript.

Tip: By default, UDFs are shared with all users in the project. Users that do not have access privileges on UDFs can still use the functions in .

For more information on the requirements for structuring your user-defined functions, see JavaScript UDFs.

User Defined Functions Page

To review specifics about the UDF, click its name. See User Defined Function Details Page.



Context menu options:

Create UDF


  1. In the User Defined Functions page, click Create UDF.
  2. Name: The name of your function must be unique within the workspace. Avoid using names that correspond to keywords in .
  3. Description: Enter a text description for your function.
  4. In the Create UDF window:
    1. Paste in the script for your user-defined function. 

      Tip: Elements of your syntax are automatically validated for you. You must fix these errors before saving.

    2. Click Validate. Fix any errors.
  5. To create the UDF, click Create.

The UDF is now available for use by all users of the workspace. For more information, see JavaScript UDFs.