NOTE: Administrators of the platform should change the default password for the admin account. See Change Admin Password in the Admin Guide.

To login to the , navigate to the following in your browser:



If you do not have an account, click Register.

NOTE: If you enter a mismatched password and password confirmation, registration fails as expected. If you correct the mismatch and try to register again, registration may fail again. The workaround is to clear your browser cache and register again. This is a known issue.

After you login, you are placed in the Home page. See Home Page in the User Guide.

Tip: When you login for the first time, you can immediately import a dataset to begin transforming it.

You cannot login to the application using an unsupported browser version. For more information on supported versions, see Desktop Requirements.

Product Documentation:

NOTE: After you log in the , you can access online documentation for your product. Select Help menu > Documentation.

To log out:

From the User menu, select Log out.