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Limitations and Requirements

Create Connection


When you create the connection, please review the following properties and specify them accordingly:

Connection PropertyDescription
APIDomainThe region of the URL of the API domain. For example, The APIDomain may vary based on the region.
The region of the full Account Server URL.For example, The AccountsServer may vary based on the region.
Connect String options

The following default value sets the connection timeout in seconds:


Setting this value to 0 disables timeouts.

OAuth 2.0

The client is displayed.

NOTE: After you have specified the connection to use OAuth 2.0, click  Authenticate  to validate the connection with the target datastore . If you have modified the connection, click  Re-authenticate  to validate the new connection definition. You must re-authenticate if you receive an expired code message. This step is required. For more information, see Enable OAuth 2.0 Authentication.

For more information, see OAuth 2.0 for Zoho CRM.

Default Column Data Type InferenceLeave this value as Enabled.

For more information, see the driver documentation

Data Type Conversions

For more information, see the driver documentation