The following users may be required for installation of the  and integration with other components in the environment. In some cases, you must also designate a group in which the user or users must belong.

NOTE: Except as noted, you may substitute your own usernames for the default usernames. These substitutions are identified in the documentation references.

In this sections below, you can review the user requirements for various aspects of platform installation and integration. 


Installation node


NOTE: The software must be installed on the node using the root account.

Running Services

After installation, you can run the platform as the  user.

Active Directory/LDAP

When enabling Single Sign-On, you must specify an Active Directory user to serve as the admin for provisioning users within the


The  installs and maintains two databases.

Main database

The Main database is used for managing .

Jobs database

The Jobs database is used for tracking batch execution jobs initiated by the platform. 

Scheduling database

Storage of schedules, including datasets to execute.

Time-based Trigger database

Storage of triggering information.

Configuration Service database

Storage of parameter settings at the workspace level.

Artifact Storage Service database

Storage for feature-specific usage data such value mappings.

Job Metadata Service database

Storage of metadata on job execution.


Hadoop User

When the platform interacts with the Hadoop cluster, all actions are brokered through the use of a single Hadoop user account.

NOTE: This user account is specified and used in multiple configurations for integration with the Hadoop cluster.


If Kerberos is enabled on your cluster, you must specify the principal of the Hadoop user for the . Depending on the other components available in the cluster, you may need to specify other Kerberos principals.


You must specify a user that Hive uses to connect to HDFS.