is an in-memory running environment that is hosted on the . This environment is initialized only when a job is queued for execution on it. Designed for small- to medium-sized jobs, it offers superior performance due to its location on the  and its in-memory processing.

When you choose to run a job in the  is selected as the default running environment if it is available and the job size is estimated to small or medium.

Tip: is also used for sampling jobs that are configured to use the Quick Scan method. For more information, see Overview of Sampling.

Tip: In the Run Job page, select Photon to run the job on this running environment.

 is enabled by default but can be disabled as needed.


  • Jobs that are executed on may be limited to run for a maximum of 10 minutes, after which they fail with a timeout error. If your job fails due to this limit, please switch to running the job on .

NOTE: For more information on configuring , see Configure Photon Running Environment.