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Reporting Main Menus

Access various windows and common actions from the main menu in Reporting.

File Menu

These options are specific to building reports:

  • Connect to Dataset: Connect to a specific dataset to use in Reporting. Select a dataset from the table, then select Open to connect to a dataset.

  • New Report: Create a new report.

  • Open...: Open an existing report. Select a report from the Reports list, then select Open.

    • If you are currently working on a report, to save the report you're working on, enter a Report Name, then select Save and Continue to select a report to open.

  • Open Recent: Open a recently worked on report. Select from the list to open the report.


    To open a report, you must have access to the associated connection. If you don't have access to the connection associated with the report you selected, reach out to the connection owner to grant you access to the connection.

  • Save: Save your report to Reporting.

  • Save As: Save your report to Reporting with a specific name.


These options provide quick access to help with Reporting. Access the Resources menu using the question-mark icon in the header.

  • Guided Tour: Opens a dialog with instructions on how to use Reporting.