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Create Desktop Workflow Task

A desktop workflow task allows you to execute one of your Designer Desktop workflows that were uploaded to Alteryx Analytics Cloud.

Create Desktop Workflow Task


  1. In the Plans page, select New to create a new plan, or select an existing plan from the list.

  2. From the Tasks panel, select and drag the Desktop Workflow task onto the canvas.

  3. Select your workflow from the Desktop Workflow configuration panel. Only workflows uploaded to Alteryx Analytics Cloudare shown.


    If you select the link to your workflow from the configuration panel, your selected workflow downloads and you can open it in Designer Desktop.

  4. Select Run to start your plan execution. The Overview tab in the Desktop Workflow panel shows the status of your plan.

  5. Once your plan has completed, select the download icon next to your plan in the Output tab to download the job output.

Plan Metadata References

Within the message of your other tasks, such as HTTP and Slack tasks, you can reference metadata about the plan, its tasks, and their execution. For more information, go to Plan Metadata References.