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Create Slack Task

You can create plan tasks to deliver messages to accessible Slack channels. These tasks are helpful for informing a set of stakeholders across your organization about the execution of your plans.

  • A Slack task is a message from the Alteryx Analytics Cloud to a specified Slack workspace channel.

  • A Slack task is one of the task types available in a plan. For more information, see Plan View Page.


  • You can only post messages to Slack channels. Other interaction methods are not supported.


    You can also create HTTP tasks to deliver messages to a Slack channel. See Create HTTP Task.

  • HTTP-based requests have a 30-second timeout limit.

  • Authentication must be made through OAuth.


  • To send a message to Slack, you must create an app in the target workspace for the Slack channel to receive the message. For more information, see

  • This Slack app must support OAuth authentication. The OAuth Token that you create must be installed in your workspace.


    Copy the generated token to a text file and retain it for later. This token must be pasted into the definition of each Slack task where you wish to use it.

  • Create an OAuth Token that has chat:write scopes. This token is inserted into your task definition. There are two types of tokens:

    • Bot Token: These tokens post a Slack message from the name of the app.

      • The Bot Token also requires the chat:write.public scope.

      • A Bot Token is required if you wish to send a direct message through the App category of messages.

      • To send a message to a private channel using a Bot Token, you must install the app in the channel through the Integrations window in the channel's settings.

    • User Token: These tokens post a Slack message from the user who authorizes the message.


      To send a message to a user or a private channel using a User Token, additional configuration is required. See below.

Create Task

  1. Drag and drop the Slack task from the left pane to the Plan canvas.

  2. In the right panel, select Slack task. The Slack task panel is displayed.


Figure: Slack task

Configure Task

  1. In the Request tab, set the required parameters. For more information, see Plan View for Slack Tasks.

  2. To test the message, click Test. A success message is displayed.


    A status code of 200 indicates that the test was successful.

  3. To add the task, click Save.

Rename Task

To rename the task, click More menu > Edit in the right panel.


Good naming may include the target platform endpoint and method, as well as the purposes of the task in your plan.

Delete Task

To delete the task, click More menu > Delete. Confirm that you wish to delete the task.


This step cannot be undone.

Plan Metadata References

Within the message of your other tasks, you can reference metadata about the plan, its tasks, and their execution. For more information, see Plan Metadata References.