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Apps and Macros

App Building Guidelines

An Alteryx analytic app is a self-contained program that performs a specific function for the user. The interface must be simple and the app designed with a single goal in mind. Go to App Building Guidelines for more information.

Analytic Apps

An analytic app is a workflow with a user interface. Create an analytic app to enable the app user to execute a workflow using their own data and parameter without having to build the workflow. Go to Analytic Apps for more information.


A macro is a workflow or group of tools built into a single tool that can be inserted into another workflow. Create a macro to save an analytic process you perform repeatedly. Go to Macros for more information.

Interface Designer Window

Use the Interface Designer window to customize an app or macro interface. Reorder interface questions and actions, add interface elements, test values, and include content. Go to Interface Designer Window for more information.

Debug Workflow

When designing an Analytic App or Macro workflow, the developer can run a test that will simulate the user experience. This is a handy feature that aids in troubleshooting an Analytic App or Macro workflow. Go to Debug Workflow for more information.


If you find that you reuse many components and configurations in your macros and apps, you might want to create templates to save time. Go to Templates to learn how to save your macro and app as a template.