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Build Workflows

Connect tools that perform different functions to process your data. Go to Build Workflows to learn more.

Workflow Configuration

The Workflow - Configuration window allows you to configure the tool, connection, or workflow settings. Configuration options vary depending on your selection.

Workflow Management

Save the workflows you build in Designer for reuse or for sharing with other users in Alteryx Community Gallery or your company's Server (available to Alteryx Server users).

Workflow Dependencies

The Workflow Dependencies window allows you to manage input and output paths and data specifications in a workflow from a single location.

Workflow Optimization

Tips to optimize your workflow efficiency.


Create or save templates with common configurations, runtime settings, and formatted comment boxes (to name a few) and spend less time formatting workflows and more time delivering solutions. Go to Templates for details.

Results Window

The Results window is located below the canvas in Alteryx. Before you run a workflow, the window displays the characteristics of the data that will go into the selected tool.

Schedule Workflows

Schedule workflows, apps, or packages to run automatically at a selected frequency, date, and time.

Manage Schedules

View and manage workflows, apps, and packages scheduled to your computer or a controller, in the View Schedules window.