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What's New in Connect 2023.2

Version: 2023.2

Release Date: November 1, 2023

See the complete Connect 2023.2 Release Notes.

The 2023.2 release brings the following enhancements:

Connect UI Message Added

When you assign a task to an admin, the message “The task cannot be assigned to someone who is not a user." now appears in the slack bar and logs.


PostgreSQL Loader Improvement

Improved the PostgreSQL loader by removing the dependency on table and schema. Now the PostgreSQL loader will not push any data to Connect when the schema(Empty) doesn't contain both TABLE and VIEW. For more information about PostgreSQL metadata loader, go to Load Metadata from a PostgreSQL Database.

Alteryx Server Gallery Loader Harvesting

Added a user validation against user’s Connect credentials during harvesting. Now users have to be authenticated against the signed in user, using the Connect Loader Username and Connect Loader Password. For more information about harvesting, go to Fast Deployment of Metadata Loaders.