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Export Data

You can export the generated job results from Cloud Portal to your preferred destination. You can also download your work-in-progress sampled data to your local desktop.

Export Job Results


  1. From the left navigation bar, click the Job history icon.

  2. In the Flow Jobs page, click the link to the job that generated the desired outputs.

  3. In the Job Details page, click the Output destinations tab.

  4. For each output, the following options are available in the context menu:

    1. Download result: To download the results from a generated output, click Download result. The result set is downloaded to your local environment.

    2. Create new dataset: You can create a new dataset from a generated output, click Create new dataset. A new imported dataset is created and added to the Library for Data.


      Click the link that is displayed to open the dataset. You may wish to rename the dataset with a more meaningful name.

Publish datasets

You can publish the results to the preferred target if Designer Cloud is integrated with an external datastore.

To publish the results to the preferred target, click Publish results.

Export Sample Data

From the Transformer page, you can export what is currently displayed in the data grid to your local desktop. Downloads are in CSV format.

At any point in time, the data grid displays the currently selected sample with the recipe steps applied to it, up to the currently selected recipe step. For example, if you download the data from the recipe when the recipe cursor is on step 10, then you are downloading the currently selected sample with the state of the recipe at step 10 applied to it.


This method is useful for checkpointing or assessing status on your wrangling project.


  1. In the Transformer page, open the Recipe panel.

  2. Select the step where you want to see the sampled dataset. From the step's context menu, select Go to selected. The data grid is updated to show the state of the sample and the recipe at the point after the selected step has been executed.

  3. In the Recipe panel, click the Recipe Options icon.

  4. From the Recipe Options icon, select Download Sample data as CSV. The contents of the data grid are downloaded to your local desktop.