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Trifacta Photon Running Environment

Trifacta Photon is an in-memory running environment that is hosted on the Trifacta node. This environment is initialized only when a job is queued for execution on it. Designed for small- to medium-sized jobs, it offers superior performance due to its location on the Trifacta node and its in-memory processing.

When you choose to run a job in the Cloud Portal, Trifacta Photon is selected as the default running environment if it is available and the job size is estimated to small or medium.


Trifacta Photon is also used for sampling jobs that are configured to use the Quick Scan method. For more information, see Overview of Sampling.


In the Run Job page, select Photon to run the job on this running environment.

Trifacta Photon is enabled by default but can be disabled as needed.


Trifacta Photon may require enablement in your project or workspace. See Configure Running Environments.


  • Scheduled jobs cannot be run on Trifacta Photon.

  • Trifacta Photoncannot process numeric values with more than 16 digits. Columns containing such values are converted to String values, and the digits beyond 16 are converted to 0.

  • When a recipe containing a user-defined function is applied to text data, any null characters cause records to be truncated during Trifacta Photon job execution. In these cases, please execute the job on another running environment.

  • For most array functions, such as ARRAYUNIQUE and KEYS functions, the order of elements in the output cannot be guaranteed.