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Flag for Review

As needed, you can flag recipe steps for review in the recipe panel. You can use flags to set up checkpoints in your recipes, which enable flow users to to evaluate the data, provide inputs, and sign off before jobs are executed based on the recipe.


  • You could flag steps in recipes within flows that other users may copy. These flags and their related descriptions can be used to provide guidelines for how to implement the step in any copy.

  • Among your collaborators, you may have experts in specific aspects of the data. You can flag steps for their review, perhaps even including their name in the description value for easy review.

When you flag a step for review:

  • The step is marked for review in the recipe panel.


    A flagged step must be reviewed before you can edit later steps in the recipe or run jobs based on the recipe.

  • In Flow View, the recipe icon is highlighted with a warning.

  • The Flow View page header summarizes the total number of flagged steps and recipes that are pending for review.

  • If you have created a reference dataset, it is also highlighted with a warning wherever it is used.


  • When a step is flagged for review, all downstream steps are disabled.

    • Steps must be reviewed in descending, top-to-bottom order.

  • You cannot run the job until all flagged steps are reviewed.

  • Flags can be applied and cleared one at a time.

  • Undo / Redo options are not applicable to flagged steps.

  • Flag for Review is not supported for the following features: Join, Union, Standardize, Transform by Example, or Macros.


    You can flag the following step or add a comment step and flag the comment if you want to call attention for these transforms.

Flag for Review


  1. In the Recipe panel, select the step to flag.

  2. From the Recipe toolbar context menu, select Flag for review.

  3. In the Flag for review dialog:

    1. (optional) Enter a name or title for the flag.

    2. (optional) Enter a description.

    3. Click Flag.

  4. A warning icon is displayed over the selected step. You can hover the warning icon to read the description.

  5. The step has been marked for review.


    When one or more steps has been flagged in your recipe, the New Step and Run options are disabled.

Context menu

The following menu options are available in the context menu for flagged steps.

Mark as reviewed

From the Recipe toolbar context menu, select the required step and select Mark as reviewed. A tick mark is displayed over the reviewed step, indicating that the step has been cleared.


If there are no additional flagged steps, you can add new recipe steps or run jobs for your recipe.

Mark as pending review

Revert the Mark as reviewed flag. The tick mark is replaced by the warning icon over the selected step.


You can toggle between Mark as reviewed and Mark as pending review options to mark the review as complete or to mark the step as pending review.

Rename review step

Edit the name and description values.


You can add hyperlinks as part of the Description value.

Unflag for review

Removes the flag for review from the step.


The step is now cleared of the flag. If there are no additional flagged steps, you can add new recipe steps or run jobs for your recipe.