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Add Comments to Your Recipe

As needed, you can insert non-functional comments in your recipes. These comments are stored as a Comment transformation but do not make changes to the dataset.


Adding comments to your recipes can be helpful for providing notes or other guidance to yourself for later or to other recipe builders who are reviewing your recipe.


  1. In the Transformer page, open the Recipe panel in the context panel.

  2. In your list of recipe steps, select the location in the recipe where you wish to insert the comment. From the recipe step context menu, select the appropriate Insert Step command.

  3. In the Search panel, enter comment.


    You can also paste full comments of the following format into the textbox. These comments are reformatted into the supported format:

    // This is a comment.
    /* This is also a comment. */
  4. In the comment textbox, enter the comment that you would like to include.

  5. Click Save.

  6. The comment is stored in the recipe as text of a different color.