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Flow Search Panel

You can search for objects within your flow. In Flow View, click the Magnifying Glass icon at the top of the page.


Figure: Flow Search panel


  1. From Flow View, click the Search icon.

  2. In the Search panel, enter a search term. As you type your search term, the search results are highlighted in yellow in the panel and in the flow canvas.

  3. From the Filter by type drop-down, you can filter by flow object type:

    1. Datasets

    2. Recipes

    3. Outputs

    4. References


      If no object type is specified, then all object types are searched.


      You may select one or more flow object types to search.

Context menu

For each object displayed in the search results, its context menu displays the same options that are available from the object in the canvas, including these additional options:

  • View details: Open the context panel showing the details of the object.

  • Show in flow: Center the viewport of Flow View on the object.

The context menu options vary for different types of objects for which you are searching. For more information: