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Reuse Recipe

This section describes multiple ways in which you can leverage a recipe developed in one flow in other flows.

Reuse Recipe with the Same Flow

The easiest way to reuse a recipe is to change its inputs in Flow View.


  1. Open the flow containing the recipe.

  2. Select the recipe that you'd like to reuse.

  3. From the recipe's context menu, select Change input.... Select the object to be the input to the recipe.

Reuse Copy of Recipe in the Same Flow

You can also create copies of recipes within the same flow. This step also copies:

  • All outputs attached to the recipe.

  • (optionally) All inputs to the recipe.


  1. In Flow View, select the recipe to copy.

  2. In the context panel on the right, select Make a copy > Without inputs.

  3. The recipe is copied and added to your flow.

  4. To apply the recipe to a dataset, select from the new recipe's context menu, Change input....

Move or Copy Recipe to a Different Flow

You can move a recipe from the current flow a different one. These steps move a recipe from one flow to another.

  • If you want to reuse the recipe in a different flow, create a copy of it first. See above.

  • In some cases, it may be easier to duplicate the whole flow and then remove objects from the copied flow. In the Flow View menu, select Duplicate from the flow context menu.


When you move a recipe to a new flow, all attached objects appear in the new flow. If the same objects in the source are used by other recipes, then copies are moved. If the copied object already exists in the target flow, the moved recipe is attached to the corresponding object in the new flow.


  1. In Flow View, select the recipe to move.

  2. In the context panel on the right, select Move....

    1. To move to a new empty flow, select Create New Flow. You can specify a name for the new flow.

    2. To move to an existing flow to which you have access, select the flow from the drop-down.

  3. Click the Move button.

  4. The recipe is moved, along with any related objects.

Reuse Recipe in a Different Environment

If you need to reuse a recipe in a different instance of Designer Cloud, you have two choices:

  1. Export the entire flow and import it into the new environment. Open the flow in the new environment. In Flow View, remove all objects that are not of interest. See Export Flow.

  2. Turn all of the steps of a recipe into a macro. Export the macro and then import into the new environment. You may choose to remove the macro from the original environment. See Export Macro.

Download Recipe

You can download a recipe in text form in the following ways:


A downloaded recipe is in a text form of Wrangle. In this form, it cannot be used in the application. Downloaded recipes are for archival purposes only.

  • In Flow View, select the recipe to download. From the context menu, select Download recipe....

  • In the Recipe panel in the Transformer page, click the context menu, and select Download recipe as Wrangle.