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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of dataset does Location Intelligence support?

    • GeoParquet files with valid GeoParquet metadata

    • Snowflake tables

    • CSV datasets

    • You can not add datasets larger than 1 GB to the project.

    • Large and complex datasets take time to load into the map

  2. Why my Maps are not loading?

    • If the underlying map tile data cache has expired. You will experience latency the first time a layer renders on the map and loading the Location Intelligence app to view layers you have previously added.

  3. Can I style the layers in the map?

    • Layers can be styled on their numeric attributes. Equal interval distribution is calculated on the field values.

  4. Output Data

    • Data¬†Analysis results automatically create a platform dataset in GeoParquet format.

  5. Does Location Intelligence support multiple languages?

    • Location Intelligence has partial support for languages selected in the platform settings. Some parts of the user interface may fall back to English, as the translation is in progress for the entire application.