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Release Notes for Machine Learning - Runtime

To fully benefit from new Alteryx Machine Learning (AYX ML) Application features, you might need to upgrade your project to the most recent AYX ML Runtime version. Follow these steps to upgrade your project. Note that updates to AYX ML Application features don't affect how your project runs at its current AYX ML Runtime version.

If you upgrade your project to the latest AYX ML Runtime version, you must rerun previously completed workflow steps. View changes to the AYX ML Runtime version:

AYX ML Runtime Version 2.19.0

May 11, 2023

Faster Data Insights

Moved the functionality of the Data Insights stage to Problem Setup. Upgrade your project to view insights about your data during Problem Setup.

AYX ML Runtime Version 2.16.0

April 20, 2023

Python Model Export

Added functionality for Python model export. Upgrade your project to enable this feature.

AYX ML Runtime Version 2.4.1

January 31, 2023

New Feature Updates

Added improvements to enhance user functionality. Upgrade your project to AYX ML Runtime version 2.4.1 to experience the new Application features in version 2023.01.

AYX ML Runtime Version 1.49.0

December 8, 2022

No Updates

This is the first user-accessible runtime version.