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Getting Started with Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence (LI) enables you to derive meaningful insights from geospatial data relationships to solve a business use case. Location Intelligence involves layering multiple data sets spatially with an easy-to-use map-centric interface.

Location Intelligence is a new cloud-based stand-alone product designed to visually interact and analyze geospatial data with a new interactive map-centered user interface.

For example, a real estate business analyst can analyze current locations' attributes to understand why some locations perform better than others.


You need the following to work with Location Intelligence:

  • (Geo) Parquet files

  • Snowflake tables

Application Setup

Please complete the following steps to get started using the application.


To enable the application within your workspace, please contact Alteryx Fulfillment.

Assign Roles

Each user of your workspace who needs access to the application must be assigned the Location Intelligence creator role.


Each application has a specific set of roles. When a workspace user is assigned an application role, the licensed seat count for the application is incremented, where applicable.

A workspace admin can assign application roles.