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License Server Release Notes

Release Note Product Versions


Release Date


End of Support


December 02, 2022


June 02, 2024


February 02, 2022


August 02, 2023

2022.3 Alteryx License Server Updates

We added support for Oracle Java SE, OpenJDK 8, and OpenJDK 11.

We published Alteryx License Server Failover Configuration , which covers the configuration of a failover system.

We published Alteryx License Server Partitions , which covers the latest reservation features.

Fixed Issues




Issue Status


Individual ClientID consumes more than 1 license seat.




Users face connectivity issues.




Security scans display Apache Log4J vulnerability.



2021.4 Alteryx License Server Updates

Flexera Package Upgrade

We upgraded to the Flexera package: flexnetls-x64_windows-2021.05.0.

Online License Server Customers

Before you upgrade from Alteryx License Server 2018.3.4.51585, you need to add a new producer settings file to your 2018.3 installation in order to enable backup and restore of the server’s trusted storage.

Refer to the Upgrade Instructions below.

Offline License Server Customers

Please contact before you upgrade.

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Download a copy of producer-settings.xml from Offline admins can get the new settings file directly from Alteryx Fulfillment.

  2. Within a command prompt on the 2018.3 license server machine (running as Administrator), run flexnetls.bat -stop from [install_dir]\Alteryx\LicenseServer\server.

  3. Rename the existing installed producer-settings.xml within [install_dir]\Alteryx\LicenseServer\server to something like producer-settings.old.

  4. Copy the new producer-settings.xml into [install_dir]\Alteryx\LicenseServer\server.

  5. Restart Alteryx License Server from the admin command prompt via flexnetls.bat -start.

    • The new producer settings enable backup mode for the server’s Trusted Storage.

    • The easiest way to force a backup is to run a simple activation or deactivation from a connected client/user.

  6. A Trusted Storage backup should exist in %WINDIR%\System32\config\systemprofile\flexnetls\alteryx\tsBackup and/or %WINDIR%\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\flexnetls\alteryx\tsBackup. Copy the tsBackup folder to a new location somewhere safe.

  7. Stop Alteryx License Server via flexnetls.bat -stop.

  8. Install the new 2021.4.1.04899 Alteryx License Server to the existing machine. You do not need to start Alteryx License Server at this time.

  9. Within the command prompt, restore trusted storage from backup by running flexnetls.bat -restore-database [temporary_tsBackup_folder]\

  10. Restart Alteryx License Server via flexnetls.bat -start. The License Server should be ready after a few minutes. You can confirm proper trusted storage by running the -licenses -verbose option within [install_dir]\Alteryx\LicenseServer\enterprise\flexnetlsadmin.bat.

  11. Restart the computer or virtual machine that the license server is installed on.

  12. Check with connected clients that everything works as expected.

If you have any issues, please contact